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About The Author


     My heritage comes from a southern farm family.  Story telling, as a mixture of legend, pure fiction and a little truth, was a past time in our family.  I believe that this story telling sparked an interest in literary fiction and a desire to be a writer.  I enlisted in the Army after completing high school and later obtained a BSBA from  a southern university.  I spent the following years in  in the business world while my initial interest was put on hold.  Subsequently, I have found the time to write three novels: Citadel Beyond The Sea, The Reunion Man and The Month of June.  I am currently working on my next novel.



On Literary Fiction

     I believe that most literary fiction is the story of a journey.  Conflicts are encountered, despair along with joy is experienced on the journey and some conflicts may not have resolution, but we understand the motives of the characters more clearly.  Some conflicts may be resolved to achieve harmony.  Usually the story ends to evolve into another story.  Is a novel the journey with the journey becoming the destination?  That is not atypical.