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New NOVELS released by H C Wallace

The Reunion Man 

  •      David searches for a missing piece of his past.  Will the search bring relief, further frustration, or disappointment?  His lover,  an on again, off again relationship, accompanies him on the journey of discovery.  She has an ugly encounter from he past and reveals it to him on the journey.  Can her disclosure of the past bring them closer? Compelling characters collide with the pair on their journey.  A delusional friend, a deceiving father and a psychopath weave their way through their journey. (261pgs)

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The Month of June

  •      George and Sheila are set on a course of a bright future.  They are self-assured and they have a plan for success.  But the bright future of their expectations turns dark from a sudden tragedy.  George and Sheila internalize the events of the tragedy differently.  Sheila is determined to persuade George that his perception of the tragedy is mistaken and he is concerned that she may never recover from the tragedy.  Accusations are exchanged as they compete with their separate realities and deceptions.(214pgs)

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     Citadel Beyond The Sea

  • Deceit and betrayal surround the lives of the inhabitants of a small Mediterranean village.  They are trapped in their own schemes  while outsiders take advantage of their turmoil.  Wartime ideologies clash with dire consequences and the pursuit of justice hangs in the balance. An aspiring young man with dreams of fame is involved in an accident and he stumbles through an episodic existence. Will he find resolution with his lover who must find her way through her own personal loss?   


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